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At Insight Legal Support Services we recognise you are the most suitable and qualified people to decide what’s best for your children following a separation. 

Our service can help you and your former partner make arrangements for your children and improve communication between you, which can assist you co-parenting your children moving forwards.

We can help you reach a parenting plan which can include times for your children to spend with each parent, financial arrangements and the involvement of other family members, such as grandparents.


When parents separate it can be particularly distressing for children.  No matter what your feelings may be towards each other, we recognise the importance of seeing things from your child’s perspective. 

Participating in mediation can provide your children with some comfort knowing you are working together as parents to resolve issues. 

This process can provide your children with a sense of security knowing you will both continue being there for them when they need you in the future.  

Child Inclusive Mediation

Where children are aged 10 or above there is the opportunity to have their voice heard within the mediation process. This is known as Child Inclusive Mediation. Where suitable we can arrange for your children to speak to a highly trained independent Child Consultant so their views can be considered in your arrangements for the future

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